The black screens are the working in progress shots,

and we are working on transitions. We will update when it is done.Thank you.



The animatic represents the rough timing and staging of the mrrsanimators short film currently in production.







These images represent the assets that will be modeled in 3D or produced in 2D, for the team’s short animated film.



Ahn_Bush_001 Ahn_Cloud_001 Ahn_Curtain_001 Ahn_Newton_001 Ahn_Tree_001 AhnPuppetryBox_001 color_Wheel_02 Kaleidoscope_001 MGR PEN_AND_NANKIN puppet_Stage_soFar_04 SUN

Style Frame

The Style Frame that has been produced by the mrrs animators defines the look, feel, and aesthetic approach to producing the short animated narrative about Sir Isaac Newton.



Story Boards

After much revision and conference with our Producer/Faculty Supervisor Matt Malooney, the mrrs animators have produced the storyboards necessary to move into the next phase of production in the animated short narrative based on the life of Sir Isaac Newton.


storyboardpg1001 storyboardpg2002 storyboardpg3003 storyboardpg4004

Splash/Fountain Test & Research

Live footage testing for Splash Effect for when the Merry Go Round explodes with color.

Preliminary rotoscope work flow practiced and implemented.

Results: rotoscoped splash/fountain effect, as well as an alpha channel produced with the footage.

Also the team did a test composite of the rotoscoped footage in After Effects.

Also other possible ways of implementing this effect is being researched via After Effects:

Revised Newton Script

A revised version of the Newton Script after meeting with our Producer/ Faculty Supervisor.


MGR = merry go round

1-      The scene opens with puppetry box framing the image. The curtain is closed. There are sounds from an excited audience and circus music playing. The audience’s cheers die down as the curtain opens. Two panels in the shapes of bushes move aside to reveal a monochromatic MGR at center stage. The music plays slower when the bushes have fully moved out of the shot.


2-     Above the MGR, there are clouds and a sun in the sky. The clouds shift in position, sometimes revealing the sun, sometimes blocking it entirely. Sun light passes through clouds in different points sending rays of light down.


3-     The background music plays normal again. The sunlight hits the top of the MGR. The crystal detail on its top glimmers a little. As the sunlight touches the MGR, it begins to spin. The MGR also starts to build up more saturated colors.


4-     Clouds cover the sun once again. The MGR comes to a stop and becomes desaturated again. The sun tries to peek through spaces between the clouds, giving a little energy to the MGR, which starts to spin slowly. The crystal sparkles each time the sunlight touches it. However, the sunlight only shines down in short bursts before it’s blocked again by the clouds.


5-     Finally, the space between the clouds is big enough to allow the Sun to shine through for a longer time. Sunlight finally hits the crystal with full power. The crystal reflects the light onto the entire environment inside the puppetry box. The reflected colors dance on the clouds and cause the clouds to float away. The sunlight is now shining directly onto the MGR, enlivening it with new energy and color.


6-     MGR starts to spin again. The circus music also speeds up to match the movement of the MGR. MGR is gaining speed and rainbow reflections hit every direction dancing on the screen as the MGR spins faster and faster.


7-     The center of MGR starts to swell and pulse with every revolution of the MGR. The center begins to shake. – An explosion is coming.


8-     MGR can’t contain the energy that it’s producing. MGR is shaking, and the crystal has all the colors of the rainbow inside it. Suddenly it inflates and then explodes, liberating a beacon of liquid color like a fountain splashing color in every direction.


9-     The explosion is throwing color in every direction. The splashes contaminate the ground, which slowly absorbs the color and increases its saturation. Everything around it is colored now. MGR spins so fast that is nothing but a blur. Color finally splashes the screen. The colors on the screen continue to spin, resembling the inside of a kaleidoscope.



10-  The colors on the screen slowly solidify and transform into the inside view of a real kaleidoscope.


11-  Scene transition – a study room from the 1670’s, the walls frame the scene similar to the puppetry box earlier. A man is sitting on a chair by the table looking through a kaleidoscope. On the table, there are crumpled papers and various instruments, including the Newtonian telescope, feather pen, nankeen container, etc. Some photos from his childhood hang on the wall behind the desk. The man stops looking through the kaleidoscope and puts it down. His attention moves elsewhere.


12-  As he relaxes with his hand under his chin, he looks at a cylindrical Newton’s disk and begins spinning it with his finger.


13-  He smiles, indicating the recollection of a good memory.


14-  Fade out – credits.


Style – The animation will resemble that of a wooden puppetry box with some live action           additions. The curtain will have a realistic texture, but the clouds and sun will be 2D            wooden elements in a 3D space. The MGR itself will appear as a wooden 3D element.                  Newton’s study will be realistically textured and appear as a 3D environment.




Mood Panels




These Mood Boards explore the potential look and feel of our animated short film, ranging from environment to props.


mood_Panel_environment_film noir_Ref_02 mood_Panel_MGR_Ref_01 mood_Panel_environment_valley_field_Ref_01 Moodboard_02 MOOD-BOARD