Short Biographies about the artists involved in the making to this short animated narrative.

Seungbin Ahn
Originally from Daejeon, South Korea, Seungbin Ahn contributes an international perspective that blends his experience and knowledge from both Eastern and Western Hemispheres. Although he is crafty with electronics and is multilingual, art has always been his passion. He graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of New Orleans through which he experimented with different media. A fast learner with excellent drive, he decided to pursue a Masters of Fine Arts in Animation at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he could pursue a career in animation.

Milena Delitti

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Milena has always found a way to live around colors and books. Coming from a mix of culture and art she graduated on communication and multimedia at PUC-SP (one of the top universities in Brazil), and published a book. Now, Milena is following her dream, to bring animation back to her country on a high level of education. For that she got accepted at SCAD’s Animation MFA program where she hopes to learn and take everything she can to create her own animation studio in São Paulo. Creative and practical, she can come up with a story to tell in a matter of minutes always using fantasy and the impossible to make it plausible.

Robert Walkine

Originally from the sandy shores of Nassau, Bahamas, Robert Walkine has spent the last four years of his adult life in the pursuit of a tertiary level education. His efforts have yielded him two Bachelor Degrees in the fields of Computer Information Systems and Computer Animation. Two fields that complement each other in regards to their use of technology but one requiring greater skill and knowledge in aesthetics and artistic ability. While art may not be Robert’s strongest and most renowned trait, he has more than made up for his shortcomings with passion, determination, and more importantly hard work. It is Robert’s dream to one day share the cultural stories of his people, through the medium which he has grown to love through out the years, animation!

Roger Mclain

I was born in Columbus Georgia. My BFA is from Columbus State University. I’ve worked in print basically up until 1990. For a local newspaper and for Georgia State University. Around 1990 I moved to The Georgia Quick Start and was a 3D animator for the educations environment. From there I went to Bennett Trucking in McDonough Georgia as an art director. Since then I’ve have been a freelance graphics artist, working in a print and video and computer based training.


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