MGR = merry go round

1-      Fade in – Black and white scene.

An empty field, with nothing but a forgotten MGR: rusty, dusty and old.

Gray clouds cover the sky not letting any sunlight pass.

360 shot of field – Everything looks dead.

(low sound of old music box playing a circus themed song plays along in slow motion – as if the gramophone is broken)


2-     As the camera approaches the MGR, we see a light breeze blow and move the tree leafs around.

At the same time the clouds move along with the wind, opening spots in the sky.

Sky shot – sun light passes through clouds in different points sending rays of light down.

Open shot of field – the sun light hits the top of the MGR. the crystal detail on its top glimmers a little. MGR starts to lose its rust.

Detail shot of MGR – the dust starts to fall and fly away with the wind.


3-     Medium plane shot of field – the clouds close the sky again and the MGR goes dead again.

In the sky, the clouds are still moving and small spaces open and close quickly. The sun tries to shine, but the clouds won’t let it do it long enough to bring the MGR completely to life.


4-     Open shot – sunlight hits the crystal again, this time longer and the MGR starts to slowly spin.

(the low sound of old music box playing a circus themed song catches up the rhythm)

Clouds cover the sun again and MGR stops moving.

(low music plays like broken gramophone again)


5-     A strong wind blows this time and the clouds start to fade away.

Close up shot of MGR – The sun light hits the crystal with all his glory making little rainbow reflections jump off the crystal. (Reflections are colored – sound of crystal tinkle).

MGR starts to spin again.

(the low sound of old music box playing a circus themed song catches up the rhythm)

Medium plain shot of MGR not so centered on screen – MGR is gaining speed and the rainbow reflections hit every direction dancing on the screen as the MGR spins faster and faster.

(music volume increases just a little)


6-     Close up shot – center of MGR – the center of MGR starts to swell and pulses like a heart (sound of heartbeats over and louder than the song that is just a BG).

Center begins to shake. – An explosion is coming.


7-     Flat plain shot of MGR – MGR can’t contain the energy that it’s producing. All the life inside was awake by the sunlight and the reflections are not enough.

Close up shot on crystal – MGR is shaking the crystal has all the colors of the rainbow inside it. Suddenly it inflates and then explodes liberating a beacon of liquid color like a fountain splashing color in every direction.


8-     Flat plain of field, MGR centered – the explosion is throwing color in every direction of the screen – splashes hit the camera.

Close up shot of splash falling in the ground – the splash contaminates the ground that slowly sucks the paint and turns into green grass.

Medium plane of field – MGR keeps exploding and we see the field turning into vivid color on each spot that has a splash.

Flat plain – MGR spins so fast that is nothing but a blur. Everything around it is colored now and the music is playing following the sound of the MGR heartbeat.


9-     Top shot of MGR – as the camera travels on a 360 it goes up to show the top of the MGR. the MGR itself is white and the liquid color coming out movers just like a kaleidoscope.


10-  Transaction shot – MGR top view slowly transforms into the inside view of a real kaleidoscope. (music changes into something from that time)

Top open shot – a study room from the 1670’s – a man sitting on a chair by the table looking through a kaleidoscope. (music changes into something from that time)

Camera travels through the table showing some instruments, Newtonian telescope, feather pen, nankeen container, papers, etc.

Front close up shot – kaleidoscope is being moved by a pair of hands, then the kaleidoscope is removed from face – detail of smiling eyes (eyes of a 30 year old Newton).


11-  Table shot from back of Newton – he places the kaleidoscope next to his telescope and starts drawing on his notebook

Close up shot – hand is drawing the “Newton disc”.


12-  Close up shot of Newton’s face – he is smiling (those smiles we give when see a good memory).


13-  Fade out – credits.


Download Link: NEWTON script